Unique Holiday Gifts Ideas 2015

unique holiday gift

Holiday gifting seasons are here, everyone is looking for unique holiday gifts ideas around this time. This season we’ve made some of our popular items and bring it back to our online shop again. Most of our holidays items are small batch and there are designs are only one like our Dandelion cedar journals , we engraved individually by hand, so every designs are different and it’s impossible to replicate because it’s hand sketched on the wood. Dandelion cedar journals have always been our  popular items during the holiday seasons, so thought we should still continue to carry this item in our holiday gifts ideas collection especially our handmade personalized gifts collection.

unique holiday giftThis western red cedar journal is beautiful made and it has strong natural aromatic smell. You can smell the scent when you holding it just like holding a fresh bake bread in your hand and hard to let it go.

Unique Holiday gift This little rosemary kiri wooden journal has a deep define wood grain, we engraved rosemary on the cover. We have rosemary in our backyard, guess the inspiration was from our backyard unconsciously.
Unique Holiday gift

This monogram leather and wood journal is our new collection for our shop. Wood and leather have always been our favorite materials, so we want to put these two materials together in our products and we started from this product.
unique holiday giftWe love cedar wood and red cedar has stole our hearts.  As a child I always admired someone who has a journal and a matching pen in their hand. I felt like the person with highly intelligent just because of the beautiful objects in their hand. I know how shallow with that mind set now when I looked back..but perhaps having a journal and a matching pen has always been in my dream.

unique holiday gift Hand-turned red cedar pen
Unique Holiday gift

We made this personalized red cedar journal and pen set for this gifting season.

Unique Holiday gifts

During past holidays, we made this personalized rustic coasters set for all our friends, we got so much compliments of it, so we decided bring this coaters set to our clients this season. Little gift but the details can express so much loves and care to a person you giveUnique gift for yoga loverThis “yoga with my dog journal collection” was designed in 2012, the inspiration was came from my dog “Miso”. Sometime when I exercised at home, she always next to me to see what I was doing and guess the inspiration started from her following me during my yoga exercise. Isn’t she cute? (image below)

We only designed 2 sketches so far, we will continue to develop more new designs to this collection. For now, image above is “Meditate with my dog



Unique gift for yoga loverThis journal is “Yoga with my dog”.
Santa's favorite dogIsn’t she cute?? My buddy Miss Miso! Thanks for reading our holiday gift ideas post here! We wish you all have a happy holidays ahead!


Crystal Cove Wedding Guest Book

Cyrstal Cove Wedding Lauren contacted us to have their customize wedding guest book made. She had the original design, but that design we advised her to go with laser engraving instead of hand-engraving. There are certain type designs are great with laser engraving and it would be very time consuming for hand-engraving yet still cannot achieve the good result as the laser engraving. We know our hand-engraving limits, we know what type of designs will look good with our wood-burning skills and what type designs doesn’t work for us. We had turned down Lauren’s wedding guest book project initially with her original design,  but Lauren willing to change her design to work with us which we really appreciated her gesture and her trust in our work. Later she changed her original powers wedding guest book to Crystal Cove Wedding guest book.
She resent us her wedding Crystal Cove wedding invitation and a picture of Crystal Cove Shack,and the Beachcomber cafe. She specific wanted us to match the font like “The Beachcomber cafe’ logo.

Cyrstal Cove Wedding

This image above was provided by Lauren it may pulled from google image search, we didn’t mean take the photographer credit without their permission. If you are the photographer of this image and do not want this image to be posted on our blog here please contact us and we are willing to pull off the image per your request. The reason we post other’s images just to show our working process.Crystal Cove Wedding Lauren specifically requested us to match this Beachcomber’s logo font in their names and wedding date on the cover.
Cyrstal Cove Wedding
Traditional open spine coptic binding with waxed dark brown thread.
Cyrstal Cove Wedding A personalized burlap bag and a wood grain notecard to match the guest book.

Cyrstal Cove Wedding Lauren wanted to have love quote printed on the first page, and we also printed a notecard as a complimentary gift to the package.

Cyrstal Cove Wedding Fortune cookie has a special meaning to them, so she requested to have a fortune cookie embossed at the bottom of front page.
Cyrstal Cove Wedding Cyrstal Cove Wedding We like how this Crystal Cove Wedding Guest book turned out, and so does Lauren as well.

A nice thank you email from Lauren:

Received our book today and I’m overjoyed! It literally made me shake with emotion! Unbelievably special! The packaging is amazing and beyond first class!  Thank you so much!!!
Have a great weekend!

Horseshoe Wedding Guest Book

Horseshoe Wedding GuestbookThis is a wedding gift for our client’s sister wedding in UK. Sarah found our horseshoe wedding guest book online, but she wanted to modify our horseshoe wedding guest book design a bit to add a pheasant on the cover.  She sent us a photo of a pheasant that she liked,  and we thought we placed the pheasant underneath the horseshoes is perfect position to balance the composition of the layout.

Horseshoe Wedding GuestbookHere is the close up of the hand-engraving pheasant.Horseshoe Wedding GuestbookHorseshoe Wedding GuestbookHorseshoe Wedding GuestbookWe suggested Sarah to choose our wooden spine binding option, so because she wanted to have an open option for Louise & Justin to use as a photo album.
Horseshoe Wedding GuestbookLetterpress printed with their names, wedding date, and a pair of horseshoe printed at the bottom page to carry the consistent horseshoe design.
Horseshoe Wedding GuestbookWe also printed a horseshoe notecard for the couple as complimentary gift.
Horseshoe Wedding Guestbook

A personalized burlap bag for final touch to complete the horseshoe wedding guest book package.

Fujifilm X100T


We’ve been using Nikon DSLR for most of our product photography all these years, but lately we want to get a lighter camera for travel also an addition camera for our product photography as well.  Fujifilm x100T seems to be the perfect fit for this need. Back then when photography still in film era, Fujifilm reputed with their fantastic color tones with their films, I really liked their Fujichrome Astia particularly for studio shoot. After all these years I  kept the Fujifilm 4×5 film boxes with my 4×5 films in it. I was delighted to learn Fujifilm X series cameras included their Fujifilm classic chrome filter feature in their cameras. I couldn’t resist to  trade my Ricoh GXR for the Fujifilm X100T. With all the accessories for I bought for my  Ricoh GXR, the cost added up is about the same as Fujifilm X100T, but with Fujifilm X100T’s quality built, retro look, and new technology. Fujifilm is the winner!


We made a leather camera bag for it to match the retro look of the camera.


I didn’t really like the original camera carry strap, so we made a leather strap to match the retro look.


Sometimes, it’s convenient just to have a hand strap to carry the camera around, so we designed the camera strap can be easy detached to become a hand strap when i don’t feel to carry my camera around my neck.




These are the images we shot with different filters; velvet and classic chrome.

Love Maps Wedding Guest book

rustic woodsy wedding

This love maps wedding guest book was a wedding gift from our client’s Jill for her son and her daughter in law Natalia’s wedding back in June. The bride; Natalia is from South America and Seth is from the United States. Jill wanted to have 2 maps and but 3 hearts connected them together from Peru, Columbia and Nashville TN.

rustic woodsy wedding The dot lines depicted their love routes.

rustic woodsy weddingJill had a special request ” You are my Greatest Adventure” on the first page, and 2 red hearts imprint
rustic woodsy wedding
We also letterpress printed their names, date and blind embossed floral corners and their initials on the first page.
rustic woodsy wedding


Jill said the newly couple travel a lot, so the guest book is also a travel journal for them after the wedding. The back of the guestbook bound a paper pocket for addition storage while they’re traveling.

rustic woodsy weddingOpen spine coptic binding is beautiful and it is open flat and it’s perfect for traveling.rustic woodsy wedding rustic woodsy wedding We also letterpress printed a monogram notecard for Seth and Natalia to start they new journey together.

rustic woodsy wedding

It was a rush order and so close to their wedding, we ended up had to ship the guest book directly to their hotel a day before their wedding.