Warm Cabin Wedding Guestbook

What’s a nicer image than being out in the woods surrounded by big tall trees and serenity, just you and your lover? This Warm Cabin Wedding Guestbook. Not only does it capture all the aspects of the woodsy-ness but the hand burned engraving gives it it’s raw and natural look.
Cabin Wedding BookHere’s a little background story on how this book came to be, Rachel and her fiancé, Shane, were both born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Both of them have a strong liking for the outdoors and wilderness, they love fishing and hunting. They were both raised to appreciate nature and wildlife. Their family has a cabin down near the Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska, which is known for world class salmon fishing during the summer months. For most of her childhood summers, they were spent down at the cabin, running through the woods, playing and fishing. So, her family’s cabin is the most precious place in her heart and this cabin has a lot of fond and irreplaceable memories attached to it. She’ve always said that she’d want to get married at the cabin. She wanted a guestbook to portray the importance to Shane and herself of hunting, fishing and the family cabin. This is a sketch of the cabin drawn by her grandmother.Cabin Wedding BookCabin Wedding Book

Hand burned engraving process. Cabin Wedding BookA sketch of a Alaska caribou that we incorporated into the book cover to add more of the wilderness and wildlife to it.Cabin Wedding Book

Adding the little details.
Cabin Wedding BookThe hunter/forest green paper on the inside ties it all together with the whole “outdoors” theme.Cabin Wedding Book

A little tree detail at the bottom of the page.Cabin Wedding Book

A matching burlap bag, with the initials R & S for Rachel and Shane, and a moose in between the both of them to further emphasize their love of nature.
Cabin Wedding BookThe burlap bag and guestbook next to one another.
Cabin Wedding Book

The final product of this Warm Cabin Wedding Guestbook. The final look is very welcoming cozy warm but yet shows the beauty of nature and animals perfectly.


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