Lucky Horseshoe Wedding Guestbook

We were contacted by the groom’s mom, Gail, to create this Lucky Horseshoe Wedding Guestbook. She called for an inquiry for the specifics and estimated delivery time as she wanted this to be delivered on time just for the wedding.Horseshoe wedding guestbook

This is a very simple guestbook with two intertwining horseshoes in the front which really draws the focus and attention to the horseshoe as a main subject.Horseshoe wedding guestbookA horse shoe has a long history of being protective and is very symbolic in lots of cultures but mainly Western culture, The horseshoe is a very auspicious symbol, a charm used to protect against any form of evil and bring good luck. A horseshoe is considered lucky as it is made with Iron, a strong metal which withheld fire. This gave a strong resemblance of strength and power.  Horseshoe wedding guestbookHorseshoe wedding guestbookA light baby pink front sheet to add a pop of light color and hand pressed edges to give a subtle detail and a stamp of the two intertwining horseshoes in the middle bottom of the page.
Horseshoe wedding guestbook The Lucky Horseshoe Wedding Guestbook alongside it’s matching burlap bag with the same two intertwined horseshoes in front.Horseshoe wedding guestbookThe last and final look of our Lucky Horseshoe Wedding Guestbook project.

Horseshoe wedding guestbook


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