Hyatt Centric Park City Guestbook

This project is the Hyatt Centric Park City Guestbook. We were contacted by Chris Carter, director of operations, to design and create a guestbook for their hotel. The first image was sent to us by Chris was too intricate to engrave by hand so…Hyatt Hotel Guest BookHyatt Hotel Guest Book

We suggested this image to Chris instead. These are pictures of Hyatt Centric Park City.
Hyatt Hotel Guest BookHe requested to have the quote “Let’s explore together…” on the top middle part of the guestbook.Hyatt Hotel Guest BookHyatt Hotel Guest Book

The fine little details put into the buildings and scenery/nature.
Hyatt Hotel Guest BookBounded with leather and chicago binding screws.Hyatt Hotel Guest BookThe pages inside, with information for guests to fill out on who they are, when their stay was, and what they loved.

Hyatt Hotel Guest BookA handmade canvas bag to accompany the Hyatt Centric Park City GuestbookHyatt Centric GuestbookIt had a hand-sewn leather closure, leather flap, button and string.
Hyatt Hotel Guest Book

The final outlook and product of the Hyatt Centric Park City Guestbook.

A nice email from Chris on Jun 14th, 2016

Good Afternoon Mai!

Thank you so much for the work you put into this piece. It is everything we hoped for and more. We have shared it with our corporate office who agree that it’s a real work of art.

Thank you again!



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