Transparent LP Records Wedding Book

vinyl record wedding bookLP vinyl record wedding book

This set of transparent vinyls are very rare and it’s the most beautiful vinyl records we’ve ever seen. Kailey found our recycled vinyl guest book on Etsy shop and contacted us to customize her a LP records wedding book. She told us she would find her own vinyls and sent it to us via our convo on Etsy. After a week or so, we received a package from Canada. I opened and saw 2 beautiful transparent LP records in my hands; one in green and one red. I was silent for at least 1 minute just to keep my eyes on these vinyls not sure how to describe in words at that moment.  The rest of the paper packaging is very well designed with nice graphic printing as well. It’s so beautiful to a point that we didn’t really want to turn it into a book. We even played it before we cut it, most music are soft and heartfelt type of music. You may find these records on Amazon. It has 5 stars reviews!
vinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookWe didn’t want to waste the rest of the packaging materials, we also used the lyric page and careful measured and cut it overlaid underneath the cover.

vinyl record wedding bookWe also cut the heart shapes out the left over vinyls as book marks of the wedding book.
vinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookLetterpress printed personalized info on the front page.
vinyl record wedding bookWe couldn’t find the perfect graphic out of all other packaging materials to match the red vinyl side, we rather used a same red color paper overlaid under the red vinyl to keep the back cover clean.

LP vinyl record wedding bookvinyl record wedding bookTalalKailey -19The graphic design and printing of this LP packaging were nicely done, we thought it would be such a waste to cut off some of the graphic just to fit inside the book. The size of the wedding book is much smaller than the original album cover, so we had to think outside of the book and made a packaging for the wedding book in order to keep all the graphics in one piece.

vinyl record wedding book

This project took us quite a long time to complete, but so happy to hear what Kailey said to us~vinyl record wedding book

Feedback from Kailey:

Wow! I am so so impressed with how lovely my guestbook turned out, it was even better than I could have hoped for. So many personal little touches and beautifully made. I will definitely be purchasing from you again, thank you so much!


Foliage Tree Wedding Guest Book

Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookMichelle stumbled upon the web and found our oak tree wedding guest book, she contacted us to customize one for her wedding in March, and later she decided to go with this foliage tree wedding guest book instead of her original idea of oak tree wedding guest book. Michelle and Randy had a small cozy wedding and they didn’t need a big guest book, but they wanted to have a nice custom made wedding book to keep their big day memories, and able to treasure the moments again in the future.  Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookThis project is little different from other guest book photo projects we’ve done. Michelle wanted to have the first couple pages just for their guests to write their wishes and the rest of the pages are for their wedding photos. We thought it’s a very brilliant idea for a small wedding. Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookFoliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookWe used the texture handmade paper for the lining paper of the book, we wanted the users of this book can feel tactile feeling when opening this book.Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookPersonalized printed on the first page with letterpress, the foliage tree embossed at bottom of the page to carry on the cover design.Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookMichelle wanted to have the guests wishes pages and photo album pages to be separated, so we printed page titles to separate the pages, so their guests would know where to write their wishes.
Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest BookOn the photo album pages, we printed not only the title page we also used different paper stock to separate those pages, that way their guests would  easy to follow and know where are the pages are for only photos. We also suggested Michelle to place their engagement photos on the first page of the photo album paper because wedding guests love to see engagement photos on the wedding day.
Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest Book
This foliage tree wedding guest book is simple yet it can be used as a wedding photo album and guest book  all-in one book, we are so happy that this photo guest book project can bring value to Michelle and Randy.Foliage tree rustic wedding Photo Guest Book

A kind note from Michelle
We just got the guest book delivered. It is so beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for making this on such short notice. It is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!
Warm Regards,

Cityscape Wedding Guest Book

San Francisco WeddingMegan stumbled upon online and found our San Francisco cityscape wedding guest book and contacted us thru Etsy. We have been making SF cityscape journal for our Etsy store for years and occasionally we received requests to engrave this San Francisco Cityscape artwork for their wedding guestbook. As we continue to develop more variety guest book design and we are planning to explore more cityscape designs to add more designs to cityscape collection like New York, Seattle, Dallas….etc. Right now we are in the process of setting up our new Shopify site, hope we can launch our site by the end April and all the new designs will be up on our Shopify site once the site is ready to launch. Stay tuned!

San Francisco Wedding

San Francisco WeddingThis lining page was handmade by a paper artisan maker in Thailand,  literally we hand carried this paper all the way from Thailand from our asia trip back in 2013.

San Francisco WeddingLetterpress printed personalized info at the top of the front page and the San Francisco cityscape embossed at the bottom page to carry on the SF cityscape theme.

San Francisco Wedding San Francisco WeddingCityscape wedding guest bookA hand-printed personalized burlap bag to match the guest book.

Cityscape wedding guest bookWe also printed a notecard for Megan and Anthony, bottom of the card printed San Francisco iconic graphic; victorian buildings.

San Francisco WeddingBelow is the testimonial from Megan:
Loved our wedding guest book! Great quality and attention to detail! Thanks so much!


Rustic Woodsy Foliage Tree Wedding Guest Book

Woodsy wedding bookThis rustic woodsy foliage tree wedding guest book was a special made for Maria and Enrique’s wedding back in December 2014. Maria found our work from Etsy. This book cover is a modified version from our Etsy original listing here : Personalized Rustic Wooden Wedding Guest Book. Maria suggested to have a rustic foliage tree and moved the tree from center toward the left.  Although Maria sent us a foliage tree graphic to work with, we wanted to make sure fully understand her idea, so we sent her a PDF proof  before we proceed to production, which normally we didn’t need to send PDF proof on our Etsy orders.

Foliage Trees Wedding GuestbookWoodsy wedding bookWe really like how this foliage tree engraving turned out, we will create a new listing with this layout on our Etsy shop soon, so we can give another guest book option to our Etsy clients. This artwork seems simple but it required a lot more time to create compares to our original listing.

Woodsy wedding bookWe also really like this asymmetrical balance composition.

Woodsy wedding bookThe close up of the foliage tree engraving,

Woodsy wedding bookFoliage Trees Wedding Guestbook Letterpress printed names and date, floral patterns embossed at the corners and foliage tree embossed at the center of the bottom page.

Woodsy wedding book


Personalized Anniversary Wooden Photo Album

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumHeather and Mark got married on December 2013, and the traditional 1st year wedding anniversary gift theme is paper. Heather thought a personalization photo album engraved with their wedding picture on the cover would be a perfect thoughtful gift to celebrate their 1st year anniversary. Heather contacted us back in November 2014 for her personalized anniversary wooden photo album project.  She sent us their wedding picture (above) and other personalized info for front cover engraving. Our first proof presented to her was with the tree less shown at the top, so the personalized info can be engraved at the top of the book cover. But Heather preferred to show the full tree and the personalized info engraved at the bottom. We exchanged PDF proofs back and forth couple times before we proceed to the production.

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumAs usual we traced the outlines onto the wood first then uploaded the photo on our iPad as guideline for further detailing.

Personalized Handmade Photo Album

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumWe wanted the figures not to compete with the tree background so we decided to have the figures with less details to contrast the background.

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumHere is the final piece of the art of this anniversary gift project.

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumSince it’s a photo album, we suggested Heather to go with the wooden spine binding with hinges.

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumTheir anniversary date is around Christmas holiday seasons, so we’ve made a red burlap bag for their photo album just to match with the holiday spirits.

Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumPersonalized letterpress printed their names and wedding date on the first page. Heather loves the tree theme, she requested to print the oak tree and we added their initials monogram underneath the tree to match the book cover meaning; “The beginning of our family tree”

Personalized Handmade Photo Album Personalized Handmade Photo AlbumThe inside pages can be open completely flat which is perfect the use of photo album.

Personalized Handmade Photo Album