Wedding Logo Guest Book

Calligraphy has been all the rage lately, and what better way to show that off than having a calligraphed Wedding Logo Guest Book?Rustic Wedding Guest BookWe were contacted by Chris and Elly to make a wedding guestbook for them. They’re a sweet couple from the UK and they found out work online. They have thought long and hard about this logo and it’s also used in their wedding invitation which creates a sense of harmony.Rustic Wedding Guest BookThe beautiful intricate design was engraved onto wood with love.

Rustic Wedding Guest Book Rustic Wedding Guest Book Rustic Wedding Guest BookA personalized burlap bag made to match the Wedding Guest Book.

Rustic Wedding Guest BookBoth the Wedding Logo Guest Book and the burlap bag side by side
Rustic Wedding Guest Book
The final product of the Wedding Logo Guest Book really just embodies a charming and dreamy finish.

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